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  • Meet Jean-Pierre (JP) Trapani

    During your hypnosis sessions, personalized treatments address underlying issues neutralizing triggers thru sub-conscious suggestion and reprogramming responses to ‘your’ personally chosen healthy desired behaviors.

    • I have been conducting successful zoom sessions prior to 2020, as well as in-office.
    • Experience the benefits of hypnosis therapy from the comfort of your home.
    • References avaialable from satisfied online clients.

    Why should our clients choose you?

    • Empathic nature, calming style.
    • Consistent, measurable success in practice.
    • Personalized sessions tailored to help you attain your goals for life improvement.
    • Empowering clients to unlock their mind’s unlimited potential for personal change.

    Hypnosis activates your ability to change your life. Suggestions for positive development are processed by the deep consciousness mind, resulting in new healthy patterns of thought and behavior.

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